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SDS in the News

Here is a brief selection of newspaper articles focusing on SDS protests/the student movement more generally.

A. Here is an article about our major anti-Vietnam protest in April 1965.
April 18, 1965
15,000 White House Pickets Denounce Vietnam War

B. This is a second article about our protest in April 1965:
April 17, 1965
Protest on Vietnam in the Capital Today

C. Here is an article about a protest we helped organize in 1962:
1,400 College Students Converge on Washington to Picket for Peace; 1,400 Students Go to the Capital To
Stage Peace Demonstrations Demonstration Larger Backs Kennedy Reception Stirs Anger

D. This is an article about the student radical movement largely influenced and created by SDS. Though its author seems a bit condescending to and perplexed by the movement as a whole, it does provide a picture of this change in cultural paradigm towards a more radical and revolutionary way of thinking:
THE STUDENT LEFT: SPURRING REFORM; New Activist Intelligentsia Is Rising on Campuses

E. A great article about our own Paul Booth.

F. This article is a ridiculous criticism of SDS. Read it for laughs but it is truly insulting.