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Useful Resources

1. SDS’s Port Huron Document, which is a political manifesto, statement of purpose, and SDS’s commentary on American society, can be found here: Anyone interested even slightly in SDS should read this document! It is an integral document in understanding our mission, and provides perhaps the most comprehensive view of our ideas. All SDS members should be credited for this document, although our former president Tom Hayden produced the first draft of the document. Enjoy, and feel free to give us feedback!

2. Look out for Mark Satin’s book called Manual for Draft-Age Immigrants to Canada. This book is an incredibly useful piece that can tell you exactly how to emigrate to Canada should you be drafted, and can give you background on Canadian culture and economics so that once you get there you will be able to make a life for yourself! Since its publication, everyone that has read the book and has attempted to emigrate to Canada has done so successfully. The book can be found at

3. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is a disease that can affect soldiers returning from Vietnam. It is a devastating consequence of this war and of the draft. Please see this site for more details on the disorder if you think that you or one of your loved ones may be suffering from it:

4. Here is a link to a few of our newsletters: They represent the writings of many of our members and leaders. Email if you’d like to submit to the newsletter. All submissions are welcome and valid.

5. Keep an eye out for our book written in 1968 entitled “Don’t Mourn, Organize: SDS Guide to Community Organizing.” This is a very useful manual that can give you more of a sense of what it is like to be a community organizer and how you yourself can become one.

6. As an activist, it is important to understand the realities of protecting yourself when you are participating in a non-violent protest. We thank Abbie Hoffman for these tips. Please remember, when protesting, do not wear earrings or pins or anything that could potentially stick you or be grabbed by someone (and we’re stating worst case scenarios here). If you are attacked, do your best to relax and get into the fetal position. Try to keep your head and groin safe from blows. These maneuvers will assure that you remain non-violent while also keeping you as safe as possible. Please be assured, SDSers, we do not expect police brutality in response to our protests, but we need to be prepared for it if it does happen.

7. This is an important document in understanding SDS: